The Gabriola Housing Working Group

The Gabriola Housing Working Group was set up by the Gabriola Housing Advisory Planning Commission to facilitate the Gabriola Housing Matters community engagement. The Working Group’s term is from November 2020 until May 2021. 

Our team is made up of individuals from the HAPC as well as others representing key interests, such as vulnerable populations, the business community, and those concerned with sustainability, or bringing specific skills and expertise.

Kenda Chang-Swanson

  • HAPC member; Outreach and Engagement Strategy teams
  • People for a Healthy Community, vulnerable populations

Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley

  • HAPC member; Research Team Lead, Editorial and Analysis teams
  • Research, survey writing, social determinants of health

Steve Earle

  • HAPC member; Communication, Research and Editorial teams; Sounder Article lead
  • Sustainable Gabriola, Transportation Network

Tobi Elliott

  • HAPC member; Project Coordinator; Website, Engagement Strategy & Communication teams lead
  • Renters, public at large 

Jennefer Laidley

  • Research, Analysis and Editorial teams
  • Research, social and economic statistics

Katharine Patterson

  • Research and Analysis teams
  • Research, discourse analysis

Angela Pounds

  • HAPC member; Outreach Team
  • Rural & Remote Division of Family Practice, vulnerable populations

Janice Power

  • HAPC Member; Outreach Team
  • general public, Gabriola Health Auxiliary, vulnerable people

John Woods

  • HAPC member; Communication Team
  • Gabriola Chamber of Commerce; employers, employees in need of sustainable, affordable rental housing

Professional Support

  • Link to Gabriola LTC: Sonja Zupanec, Island Planner
  • Website Design: Rob Hellenius
  • Graphic Design: Nola Johnson
  • Website Hosting: Chris Mallison