Development Permit Areas

How are Development Permit Areas (DPAs) used for Environmental protection on Gabriola Island?

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As noted previously, the Gabriola OCP Environmental Policy 6.1a) allows for the regulation of environmentally sensitive areas through the use of development permits. Development permits are used in situations where particular areas of land are designated for specific uses of importance to the community. A development permit must be obtained from the Local Trust Committee for any construction, structural alteration, or building additions to take place in those areas, as well as for subdivision or land alteration.

Section 9 of the OCP designates a number of development permit areas, some of which are used for environmental protection.

Gabriola currently has five Development Permit Areas designated for the protection of the natural environment:

  1. The Tunnel
  2. Lock Bay
  3. Riparian Areas (fish supporting creeks and streams)
  4. Flat Top Islands
  5. Gabriola Pass

Maps of these DPAs are here:

Specific guidelines regulating activity in these areas are contained in the Land Use Bylaw:

* We’d like to hear from you on whether the existing DPAs are sufficient to protect environmentally sensitive areas on Gabriola Island or if you’d like the LTC to explore more protection through the use of Development Permit Areas.

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