About This Project

The Gabriola Housing Matters initiative was borne from the Housing Advisory Planning Commission (HAPC)’s mandate to consult with the community about adjusting current regulations in order to increase housing options and diversity on Gabriola, address housing affordability, and ensure protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage.

The HAPC was created and given this mandate by the Gabriola Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) as part of its multi-year Housing Options and Impacts Review Project. In turn, the HAPC created the Gabriola Housing Working Group to facilitate this community engagement.

The Working Group is made up of individuals from the HAPC as well as others representing key interests such as vulnerable populations, the business community, and those concerned with sustainability. We operate independently from the HAPC and in collaboration with local trustees and planners.

Gabriola Housing Matters: Objective

To provide Gabriolans with appropriate opportunities to learn about and inform policy and regulatory options to increase housing options, diversity, and affordability consistent with the needs of the Gabriola community and the intention of the Islands Trust’s ‘preserve and protect’ mandate.


  1. To ensure Gabriolans across diverse interests and demographics have a chance to participate in the public engagement activities by implementing strategies and activities that are designed to reach all members of the community
  2. To ensure the voices of those experiencing housing affordability challenges are heard, understood and clearly articulated
  3. To ensure engagement efforts complement the work done within the Islands Trust to develop OCP policies and LUB regulations that increase housing options on Gabriola Island.

Key Themes

How humans are housed, on Gabriola as elsewhere, has tremendous impact on the local environment and the community. To better understand this, the current state of housing on Gabriola Island is being considered from the perspective of the following key themes:

  • Housing Diversity and Affordability
  • People at Risk
  • Environment and Cultural Heritage (Climate Emergency, Protecting Aquifers and Protecting Biodiversity)


The Working Group will convey the findings of the Gabriola Housing Matters initiative to the Housing Advisory Planning Commission, which will report and make recommendations to the Local Trust Committee to inform next steps in the Housing Options and Impacts Review Project. We hope to complete this work by April 2021.


This project is funded by:

Participation Prizes

Donations for prizes to encourage participation in the survey have been generously offered by:

  • The Gabriola Recreation Society
  • The Mortgage Centre
  • Gabriola Land and Trails Trust (GaLTT)
  • the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society