Survey Findings

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The Gabriola Housing Working Group prepared three surveys to gauge Gabriolans’ attitudes in three separate areas: 1) Housing Need, Affordability and Diversity of Supply; 2) Biodiversity, Water Conservation and Housing; and, 3) Managing Growth

Each of the surveys started with a question about housing / property status – whether respondents own property, rent, are precariously housed, or have unceded treaty rights. This data was used to analyze the responses to questions through the perspectives of two groups: owners; and renters and the precariously housed. The findings for each of the questions note areas of difference between these groups, where a significant difference exists.

Due to the small number of responses from those with unceded treaty rights (one for each of the three surveys) we have not analysed the data through this perspective – given that it is not statistically significant or necessarily representative of all persons who may fit this category. This person’s responses were, of course, included in the general findings and qualitative responses. We acknowledge that the issue of unceded treaty rights and their connection to development on Gabriola is significant and look forward to building relationships with those who have treaty rights to unceded land on Gabriola as we progress with this work.

Both the quantitative and qualitative responses are included in the analysis for each of the questions. Each question is presented as it was posed in the survey followed by presentation of the quantitative and qualitative response data. (Note that some percentages may not add up to 100% because of rounding.) A conclusion statement is included for each question.

Background information for each survey was provided in a series of backgrounders that included facts and statistics about the issues at hand, current applicable goals, policies and regulations as contained in Gabriola’s Official Community Plan, information from other sources as required, and glossaries defining key terms. These backgrounders are all attached in the appendices.