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In addition to the general objectives and policies listed in the previous page that may be useful for groundwater protection, the OCP includes specific objectives and policies related to Gabriola’s water supply. 

7.4 Water Supply Objectives

1. To manage the island’s groundwater resources on a sustainable basis

2. To protect the groundwater resource from contamination

3. To promote water resource conservation strategies and to reduce water demand as much as possible

4. To undertake a program to monitor the quality and quantity of the groundwater aquifers on Gabriola, and,

5. To discourage non-essential large scale use of domestic water (such as lawn sprinkling and swimming pool filling) during periods of low water supply.

7.4 Water Supply Policies

a) Methods of water conservation such as low water use fixtures, retention of rainwater and runoff in cisterns and ponds and other means shall be encouraged.

b) The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides shall be discouraged in order to protect water sources.

c) No piping of water from a source outside the Plan Area shall be permitted.

d) In considering the approval of a community water system, consideration shall be given to the results of a water management review, prepared by a Professional Engineer which examines:

  • i. the potential impact on existing water users in the immediate area;
  • ii. the recharge capability of the water source relative to anticipated maximum water demand of the proposed system;
  • iii. ownership and management of the system; and,
  • iv. remedies available in the event of a water system failure.

e) Abandoned wells must be properly capped so as to avoid contamination of the aquifer.

f) Industrial or recreational uses which are consumptive of large quantities of water shall be discouraged.

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