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OCP Policies on Density

Which OCP Policies Govern Density on Gabriola Island?

In addition to the general objectives and policies listed above, the OCP includes objectives and policies related to density. 

Section 2.1 General Residential Land Use Objectives/Policies:

1 . To ensure that subdivision design is consistent with the rural character of Gabriola

5.  To support a mix of housing types which includes affordable and market housing in appropriate locations

  • Policy b) With the exception of affordable housing, no provision shall be made for multi-dwelling residential use in the Planning Area.
  • Policy c) No provision shall be made for mobile home parks in the planning area.
  • Policy g) On parcels 2.0 hectares (4.94 acres) or larger, one secondary suite shall be permitted per parcel, accessory to a principal single family dwelling.

Section 2.2 Small Rural Residential Objectives/Policies

  1. To encourage the consolidation of parcels designated Small Rural Residential.
  • a)   The principal use shall be residential.
  • b)   One single-dwelling residential unit shall be permitted per parcel.
  • c)   The minimum parcel size in the Small Rural Residential designation shall be 0.5 hectares (1.235 acres) and the average parcel size shall be 2.0 hectares (4.94 acres). Policy
  • d)   In order to satisfy the Ministry of Health’s land area requirements regarding sewage disposal, the consolidation of small parcels shall be encouraged.

Section 2.3 Large Rural Residential Objective/Policies

  1. To permit a range of uses that will support the retention of unsubdivided land.
  • Policy a) The principal use shall be residential.
  • Policy b) One single-dwelling residential unit shall be permitted per parcel.
  • Policy c) The minimum parcel size shall be 2 hectares (4.94 acres) and the average parcel size shall be 4 hectares (9.88 acres).

Section 2.5 Gabriola Island Density Bank

 1. To identify and deposit unused residential densities into the Density Bank based upon the following eligibility criteria:

  • i. from the lands that are rezoned as parks; and
  • ii.   from the voluntary donation of residential densities.

2 . To consider applications for the withdrawal of banked densities in accordance with the rezoning requirements in Section 2.4 provided that a Housing Agreement is in place to ensure affordability is maintained over time.

Section 3.1 General Commercial Objectives/Policies

d)   One single-dwelling residential unit per parcel may be permitted in any Commercial designation.

Section 5.1 Resource Lands Objectives/Policies

In keeping with the objective of maintaining a rural landscape in the planning area the intent is to retain much of the land in this designation in large parcels. Yet, as provided for in the policies below, residential density allowed on a parcel in the Resource zone may be transferred to another parcel in the Resource zone.

Resource Objectives

  • 1.   To preserve large parcels of land in a largely unsubdivided state;
  • 2.   To maintain representative areas of rural landscape on Gabriola; and
  • 3.   To provide transitional areas between the residential and forestry and agricultural parts of the community.

Section 5.2 Forestry Policies

  • b)   The minimum and average parcel size in the Forestry zone shall be 60 hectares (148.2 acres).
  • c)   The subdivision of land, in the Forestry zone, shall not be supported, except for purposes of creating an ecological reserve.

Section 5.3 Agriculture Policies

  • b) The approval of subdivisions of land in the ALR, where such subdivision would reduce the long term viability of the parcel for farm use is not supported.
  • d) The minimum and average parcel size in the Agriculture zone shall be 8 hectares (19.76 acres).