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OCP Policies on Managing Growth

What does the Gabriola Official Community Plan (1997) say about “Managing Growth” on Gabriola Island?

The goals contained in the Gabriola Official Community Plan (1997) only explicitly mention the term “growth” once – in which “gradual and appropriate” rather than “rapid” growth is to be encouraged. The other policies and objectives speak to regulating the density that is already permitted through zoning. Anticipating or managing new growth (except for multi-family affordable housing) does not seem to be contemplated in the OCP.      

The OCP’s social goals (s.1.3) are:

  1. To preserve the rural character and atmosphere of the Gabriola Planning Area and ensure that the community remains a viable, healthful place in which to live, providing for a variety of lifestyles in harmony with the natural environment.
    1. To ensure that access and opportunity, now and in the future, are provided for the public to enjoy and appreciate the Gabriola Planning Area in harmony with the natural environment and existing communities.
    1. To ensure that options for future generations to make land use decisions are not jeopardized.
    1. To encourage gradual and appropriate, rather than rapid, change and growth.
    1. To co-operate and communicate with other government agencies, other agencies and First Nations, and to involve the public in the decision-making process to fulfill these goals.
    1. To encourage local food systems and community food security.
    1. To recognize that small, locally owned and home-based businesses contribute significantly to the character and sustainability of island life.

Section 2.0 General Land Use Policies:

k)   This Plan only supports the realization of additional residential density without subdivision when used for Affordable Housing for Special Needs residents and Seniors.