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The following conditions guide the Local Trust Committee’s consideration of affordable housing proposals:

  1. the maximum density shall not exceed 12 units per hectare.
  2. the maximum number of dwelling units per development shall not exceed 24. 
  3. the average size of a dwelling unit shall be not greater than 83 square metres (900 sq.ft).
  4. the site shall be within 0.5 kilometres of the Village Core bounded by North, South, and Lockinvar Roads or a 2 kilometre walking distance from the Village Core along public access routes only, and shall provide access to any existing adjacent pedestrian and cycling pathways to the village and ferry services.
  5. where practical, in the opinion of the Gabriola Island Local Trust Committee, the site’s main access shall be off a main road and not through an existing residential neighbourhood.
  6. common area amenities, such as kitchen and recreation facilities, shall be provided for prior to occupancy.
  7. the proponent:
    • can ensure the maintenance and stability of affordability in perpetuity.
    • specifies how the housing project will be managed and administered including, if deemed applicable, that it be operated on a not-for-profit basis.
    • specifies the manner in which the housing units will be made available to the identified class of persons at the time the housing units are first occupied and with respect to subsequent occupancy; and
    • specifies the mix of rental and ownership housing units permitted.
  8. The OCP specifies that multi-dwelling Affordable Housing applications must demonstrate the lowest possible net water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.
  9. The Density Bank in this Plan shall be amended from time to time such that any unused residential densities that result from rezoning for parks are added to the Density Bank for use as Multi-dwelling Affordable Housing for low-income families.