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What new policies may address negative impacts of Growth?

What kinds of new policies or regulations could address the negative impacts of growth on Gabriola Island?

  1. New rezoning applications proposing an increase in residential density could be required to ensure all new dwellings are constructed using less water, energy and meet the BC Energy Step Code; requirements (which will be mandated across BC by 2032); and include universal access design principles.
  2. Require any new dwelling to be constructed with a connected rainwater harvesting system for household re-use.
  3. Establish more flexible zoning regulations for larger parcels allowing an increase in density (without subdivision) but decrease maximum lot coverage and total allowable build out (restrict floor area for each dwelling, restrict number of accessory buildings, require rainwater harvesting and re-use etc)
  4. Establish rental tenure housing for existing rental multi-family dwellings that requires the rental units to remain as rental housing
  5. Allow commercial properties to have an increase in residential densities if they remain rental units; affordable; meet Step Code requirements etc.
  6. Restrict further small lot subdivision (lots less than 1 ha) but encourage more mixed use (residential/commercial) on commercial zoned lots.