Resources a.k.a. a Map through the Maze

We get it: policy can be dense, overwhelming and soooo technical that it’s no wonder only a certain people get all excited about reading it!

So we’ve done our best to break it down into bite-sized chunks so that everyone can access these important policy tools. Yes, even for you. We can do it!

Topic 1: Housing Affordability, Diversity and Need

  1. Information on Housing Need, Stats, Data and Income on Gabriola Island, by the most available statistics
  2. Gabriola OCP Policies and Regulations concerning Housing (accurate as of March 2021).

Topic 2: Biodiversity and Water Conservation

  1. Data and Information on the current state of Biodiversity, Groundwater issues, Coastal-Douglas Fir Biogeoclimactic Zone and Land protected from development.
  2. Gabriola OCP Policies related to Biodiversity and Freshwater Conservation.
  3. An excellent primer by the Gabriola Land and Trails Trust (GaLTT) about the greatest threats to conservation currently on the island.
  4. Key Policies in the Islands Trust’s Coastal Douglas Fir Toolkit.
  5. Islands Trust Groundwater Protection Toolkit

Topic 3: Managing Growth and Density

  1. Information on Growth on Gabriola: Real Numbers representing the actual Population Density, Statistics, Population Projections and Growth Scenarios, which contextualize the challenges around housing policy and decision-making on Gabriola Island.
  2. Gabriola OCP Policies: What you need to know ONLY! Not the whole enchilada, but just what relates to managing growth in our Official Community Plan. Isn’t that awesome?
  3. Like maps? So do we! This is an up-to-date Development Potential Map of Gabriola Island (2021-DRAFT) done by Islands Trust Planners and technicians of the growth potential on Gabriola.
  4. What is the BC Step Code? And Universal Access Design? And how does it relate to growth? Read THIS.
  5. Glossary OCP Policies: Need a Cole’s notes? This tells you what the terms mean, how they relate to one another, and who’s running this show!
  6. References: if you want to deep dive into the material, here’s the list of sources, reports, websites… the whole 9-course meal if you will.