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Types of Housing Possible under Current OCP/LUB

The following types of housing are permissible under the current OCP and Land Use Bylaw (LUB):

  1. Single family dwelling (can be micro home or standard size – no minimum or maximum floor areas)
  2. On a residential lot 2ha (5 acres) or larger, one single family dwelling with a secondary suite  (either attached, within or detached up to a max 968sqft)
  3. Multiple Family dwelling (three or more units) for seniors/special needs/low income in site specific zones
  4. In commercial zones, one single family dwelling on a lot with a business (can be above, attached, or detached, no limit to maximum floor area)
  5. Manufactured homes (previously called mobile homes) which are CSA approved, and secured to a permanent or semi-permanent foundation. They can be micro or as large as can be constructed to meet the CSA standards.
  6. Temporary housing on Gabriola includes permission to use of a recreational vehicle, tiny home on wheels for up to 2yrs while constructing a permanent dwelling on the property with a valid building permit. It must be connected to an approved sewage disposal field.
  7. Tents/camping on a vacant lot for up to 90 days/year.